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World of Warcraft Classic: Level to 60 – Guide, Tips

World of warcraft has been around for a long time, but has not lost its charm for a bit. With breathtaking storylines and engaging gameplay this game changed the way how multiplayer games are played and made.

Leveling to 60 is a lot easier than it was years ago, and here’s how you can get it done quickly.

Let’s start with few tips that will help level along the way, and make it easier:

Kill everything you see, Grind

Grinding, may sound boring and lost in time and not even relevant to World of Warcraft as much as it is to some Korean Free to play mmo’s, since it can be replaced with bunch of quests or even dungeon farms. But in WoW Classic you sometimes might end up in a situation where you are between 2 zones where you have outgrown one zone and not big enough for the other, here comes grinding, where you can supplement quests with monster kills to make it faster. Just  try to kill every monster you come across as you travel from one quest to another. It might not look like much when it comes in, but that little extra EXP will really build up over time.

Learn Secondary professions early

Nearly every mob in World of Warcraft can drop some useful item for profession, wether it is cloth or meat. These can easily be crafted into useful triage items like Bandages or food. Both help a player recover after fight. Bandages are not as effective as sitting down for a quick meal, but they’re cheaper and  fast too, so you can limit the time between pulls or even wrap up an injury after stunning an opponent. It’s a must-have tool for classes like Warrior with limited self-sustain. Trainers are found in every major city and it doesn’t count toward your two profession limit.

Train crafting and/or gathering professions early

Crafting and gathering professions are good to have in general for many reasons and during leveling in particular. These professions not only can make u loads of gold later on, they can also help you craft useful items for urself as well.  Most animals you kill can be skinned for leather and hides, and mining and herb nodes will often populate your minimap as you quest. Just right click on these things as you go about your daily grind and you’ll end up with piles of useful materials to sell or turn into items for yourself, friends, or anyone on the server looking to buy.

Always log out at inns or cities

Logging out at an inn or city will allow you to accumulate “Rested exp” while you’re away. Rested EXP doubles monster kill EXP totaling the amount accumulated over time, meaning you’ll get a nice little bonus upon your return.

Now, since we are done with tips we can go over, Leveling methods and which ones seem to work best:

For majority of WoW Classic players questing will make up almost all of the leveling time. Quests are far more rewarding then just killing mobs alone. Each zone in WoW has its own level requirements and content is according to that requirement, so you should level in specific zone on specific level. The way loot is shared out between groups means quests are better suited to solo players or, at a push, duos. Anything more than that and you might want to look at our alternative leveling process below.

Below you can find zones with average level. So you can head to these whenever your level allows, rather then sticking to one zone for a long period of times. Since xp gains from zone’s that you outlevel are reduced.


  • Durotar (1-10)
  • Mulgore (1-10)
  • Teldrassil (1-10)
  • Darkshore (10-20)
  • Barrens (10-25)
  • Stonetalon Mountains (15-27)
  • Ashenvale (18-30)
  • Thousand Needles (25-35)
  • Descolace (30-40)
  • Dustwallow Marsh (25-45)
  • Tanaris (40-50)
  • Ferelas (42-50)
  • Azshara (45-55)
  • Un’goro Crater (48-55)
  • Felwood (48-55)
  • Winterspring (53-60
  • Moonglade (55-60)
  • Silithus (55-60)

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Dun Morogh (1-10)
  • Elwyn Forest (1-10)
  • Tirisfal Glades (1-10)
  • Loch Modan (10-20)
  • Silverpine Forest (10-20)
  • Westfall (10-20)
  • Redridge Mountains (15-25)
  • Duskwood (18-30)
  • Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30)
  • Wetlands (20-30)
  • Alterac Mountains (30-40)
  • Arathi Highlands (30-40)
  • Stranglethorn Vale (30-45)
  • Badlands (35-45)
  • Swamp of Sorrows (35-45)
  • Hinterlands (40-50)
  • Searing Gorge (45-50)
  • Blasted Lands (45-55)
  • Burning Steppes (50-58)
  • Western Plaguelands (51-58)
  • Eastern Plaguelands (53-60)
  • Deadwind Pass (55-60)

There can be 2 more somewhat efficient ways to level in WoW classic, Dungeon farming and  Open World grinding, lets go over each of them;

Dungeon Farming

Dungeon grinding can be a worthwhile alternative to questing. The idea here is to grind EXP from elite mobs found in dungeons as a group. When done correctly, they can offer comparable or greater EXP per hour than questing; even when split between party members. It depends on variety of things, but most important is how fast can your group finish the single run, it might take a long time and questing can be quicker but if you were able to find a good group then Dungeon farming can be good way to farm some loot and XP at the same time.

Open-World grinding

We do not recommend doing this if you are playing solo, but, if you are playing in a small group of 2 or 3 ppl this can be an option, but of course as we said in the beginning it can only. be a a viable strategy if you are between the zones or trying to push a level or two. Otherwise it might be pretty repetitive and boring soon.

You are all set now to start your wonderful journey in the World of Warcraft !


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