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The World of Warcraft fix that was recently released.

The World of Warcraft fix that was recently released brings a bunch of new features, including removing the daily lockdown in Shadowlands heroic difficulty dungeons.

Other notes about dungeons and raids solved various issues in De Other Side, Mists of Tirna Scithe, Sanguine Depths, Theater of Pain.

  • Mueh’zala-Fixed an issue that could cause the primal capture totem to interact unintentionally.
  • Mists of The Tierney spit-fixed an issue where one of the wrong doors in the maze would not send the group back to the beginning of the maze on mythical difficulty.
  • General Kaal-fixed a bug that caused General Kaal to respawn after she was defeated.
  • Soulletting Ruby will now have a chance to fall for all intelligence users.

The fix Also brought several fixes for several classes, including demon hunter, Druid, hunter, mage, Paladin, priest, rogue, and warrior. The correction notes relate to Torgast, world quests, reputation, quests, pet battles, professions, items, rewards, rulers, creatures, and NPCs. Training tasks were also affected.

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