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The upcoming update in ESO brings you the loot you still need

Update 32 awaits you soon in The Elder Scrolls Online. There will be far-reaching innovations in it. A particularly interesting feature concerns the loot distribution for bosses, which promises much less frustration and random results in the future.

What is the change in the upcoming update? In autumn 2021, in addition to the Deadlands DLC, there will also be the free Update 32, which brings some new features to ESO. An inconspicuous but important change concerns the bosses’ loot tables.

They should now specifically drop set items when they die that you do not yet have. This is to reduce the annoying grind after the last missing item in a collection.

Finally no more endless grinding of sets

How exactly does the new system work? The innovation to the loot system is one of dozens of entries for the upcoming Update 32 in the ESO forum.

It describes the new system: Whenever you place a boss in an arena, dungeon, trial, event or world boss, the game looks at the boss’s loot table and compares it with the set items that you have in yours Have already unlocked the collection.

The loot that then drops is chosen from the selection that you do not yet have in the collection. This means that you are guaranteed to get an item that you are still missing. The annoying grind that you have to put the same boss umpteen times to finally get the last missing item in a collection should then be a thing of the past.

The bosses loot tables remain and the system only applies to bosses. Trash mobs and co. keep dropping random junk.

Should you have all the items that a boss can drop, the next loot drop will again be completely random. So if you want items with a very specific property, you either have to already own everything and continue to grind or use the transmutation system to change the properties of the items. The necessary transmutation crystals can be obtained in this way.

What are the fans saying? The planned innovation for the set drops is well received by fans on reddit.

What does not go down well? Other fans don’t find the innovation that great and fear for the economy in the game. Because if missing set items can now be farmed without any problems, there is hardly any reason to purchase them at great expense from other players at the trading posts. The customization of the loot drops is just one of many interesting new features in Update 23.

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