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The RuneScape story arc “Wars of the Elder Gods” will receive a new addition.

The ongoing RuneScape story arc “Wars of the Elder Gods” will receive a new addition when the Nodon Front chapter enters. In the new chapter, you will eventually fight Kerapak, the general of Nodon Dragonkin from RuneScape, and also receive rewards, such as the first-ever level 95 weapon-the Armadile Staff.

The Nodon Front is the last part of the “War of the Elder Gods” storyline, in which players have discovered the lost city of Senntisten. In the last chapter, players will have to fight a powerful army of Nodon Dragons led by Kerapak, but ultimately by the will of the Elder God Jas. The army itself sets up a siege around the city, which players will need to defend and push back the army, dealing with giant war machines and, ultimately, with General Kerapak himself.

Via a press release:

“Armed with powerful siege weapons, the dragonboys of Nodon and their arsenal are truly formidable, and they are experiencing a fierce hunger to weaken the defenses of the cathedral of Senntisten. Very experienced players with the skill of Fighter 92 will have to rally together to destroy the siege machines and push back the army’s offensive. Players with the 90+ construction skill can also change the course of the war by turning Nodon’s own weapons against them.After fighting with the Guards, Hunters, Artisans and Engineers of the Nodon Dragon, players will meet with the general of the army – Kerapak – in an epic battle inside the Colosseum. Players will need to manipulate time to defeat Kerapak and his Elder God artifacts, and the bravest of all players can even fight him in “hard mode”. Fortunately, players will not be completely left to themselves, as the original generals of the God’s War-Ziliana, Nex, Kri-arra and K’ril-are ready to help and will provide players with temporary abilities to help in this terrible battle. “

Also with today’s update, the very first weapon of the 95th level of RuneScape is delivered – the Staff of Armadil-as a reward for fighting Kerapak and his army.

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