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Star Citizen: New Update 3.15 is a real game changer

The alpha update 3.15 went live on the SF MMO Star Citizen on November 10th. The patch brings some new features – the players rave that it is a “game changer”. A gameplay trailer on YouTube earns a lot of applause.

What does the new update bring? The patch 3.15 at Star Citizen is called “Deadly Consequences”. The highlights of the patch are:

  • New hospitals
  • Medicine and healing as a gameplay element
  • A revised healing system
  • new dangerous missions

We have already reported on a curious concept of the update. During the testing phase, players could overdose others with healing pistols and shoot them unconscious.

How are the reactions? The reactions are extremely positive, especially to the new trailer for update 3.15 – it already has 5,100 likes and only 120 dislikes on YouTube:

  • Above all, the trailer is praised for showing the latest gameplay.
  • A user on YouTube says this is the “most important patch” since 3.0.
  • The game is now slowly picking up speed
  • There are still a few bugs, but it already looks very good

“A real game changer”

A user raves on reddit: A user on reddit is apparently completely fascinated by the patch. He says that he was on a mission with a friend, carefully exploring the area and gradually eliminating the enemy NPCs.

During the mission, they found a dead player and decided to do what every decent person does in such a situation: they loaded up the corpses of the NPC enemies and the player, flew into space, ceremonially robbed the carcasses and used them for target practice. In his opinion, the patch is “pretty dope” and a real game changer.

That’s behind it: Even if many point out that the patch still has a few bugs and urgently needs fine-tuning, 3.1.5 is. apparently an update that, with the missions and extended systems, moves the huge SF project Star Citizen a good deal towards the “real game”.

Apparently that goes down really well with the fans. It is noticeable that many see the development of Star Citizen as a journey that has been going on for several years.

At the same time as the patch came the news that Star Citizen is opening a new mega-studio in Manchester that will one day give work to 1,000 people.

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