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PCF started working hard to fix many bugs.

So, the PCF started working hard to fix many of the bugs that still haunt popular title Outriders. The latest patch fixes one of the most beloved bugs in the game, restores the balance of some enemies, and much more. The patch, however, does not restore gear for those affected by the gear-clearing issue that many Outriders players have experienced in the past month, and some reddit posts have been reported detailing new issues with mods and logging in.

The latest patch may have caused some pretty mixed feelings among players, but now that the team has set about fixing many broken mods along with rebalancing some of the most hated enemies in the game. The latest patch is extensive, affecting almost every aspect of the game. Below is a short list of items that should have been fixed, as indicated in the reddit review:

  • Multiple permissions for gear, mods, skills, quests, levels, and lighting bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the screen “Entrance”.
  • Fixed several crashes throughout the game.
  • Fixed a number of issues, bugs, and crashes related to multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill damage enhancement mod on equipment with a higher level than the player’s actually reduced damage when used on lower levels of the world.
  • Now, there is also a long delay between spawning and reducing the number of intruder creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trickster’s “Hunt Prey” skill would not teleport, but would still enter a cooldown.


  • AI snipers now give players more time to dodge their shots.
  • Reduced the amount of rollback from creatures in the Stargrave expedition.

Well, it is obvious that the given list does not define the specifics of what was changed. Players who have been paying attention to the game since the beginning can quickly discover that one of the most beloved mods, Emergency Stance, which was bugged and provided a powerful 65% damage reduction all the time, not just for 4 seconds as it was supposed to, was “fixed”. The emergency position was a major crutch for many players who suffered from high-damage enemy abilities that made it difficult for them to stay alive.

Also, after the patch, some players reported that the Emergency Position and Outriders Boost would work for as long as it was intended, but it also seems that the damage reduction from the Golem shape doesn’t seem to work. PCF also fixed a number of other mods that didn’t launch on a shot or critical shot, resulting in the death of an enemy, but many players still find it too difficult to stay alive to test them at all. Shortly after the patch went live and players noticed a discrepancy in the cost of the armor, Thearcan took to reddit to inform players that they had confirmed there was a problem with the armor, and a short maintenance would follow to fix it:

We are aware of some issues related to armor and survivability starting with this patch – they will be fixed with unavoidable maintenance.Please sit still!Maintenance will start in about 5 minutes, last 5 minutes, and should resolve these issues.

– Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager, Square Enix

After the fix, players noted that the problem has improved, but few believe that the armor values and damage reduction are far from being fixed. While gamers wait for a response from the PCF or SE when the team returns to the office on Monday, a flood of criticism has poured in from the game’s players, who have noticed that they haven’t been able to play it the way they used to.

However, not all of the changes caused problems. Another welcome change came in the form of some rebalancing of the snipers and a reduction to the dregs from the creatures in Stargrave’s expedition. While Stargrave’s knockdowns are annoying, reducing knockdowns across the board, rather than just being dedicated to a single expedition, may eventually be OK, as virtually any enemy at close range has the ability to drop the player. Hopefully, any remaining issues will either be fixed with some fixes next week, or at least the PCF will resolve some of the ongoing issues that Outriders players have encountered.

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