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Outriders: New patch strengthens every class of sci-fi shooter

A new patch for the sci-fi shooter Outriders has been released and with this one every class in the game gets a little more firepower. The new patch also addresses some game crashes and introduces the announced changes for the anti-duplication system.

The sci-fi shooter Outriders still has a pretty strong player base. Although the title no longer reaches its maximum numbers, a few thousand players are still enjoying both looting and shooting.

These players can now look forward to the latest update to Outriders, which, in addition to a few bug fixes, implements the announced changes to the anti-duplication system for legendary equipment. With these, the system now ignores your equipped items when it rolls a duplicate again, so that you can now farm better versions of your equipped equipment.

Each individual class also receives a few buffs from the sci-fi shooter. Many of the buffs focus on how mods interact with different class abilities. In addition, the cooldowns of some abilities have been reduced and the damage done has been increased.

The Devastator class did not receive a direct cooldown reduction in its abilities, but it does receive up to 90 percent of the cooldown of the Reflect Bullets ability if it is manually terminated before it expires. The Boulderdash ability now also grants a 65 percent damage reduction while it is active. In addition, numerous mods are being strengthened for all classes, such as Blazing Aegis, Plate Dodger, and Bone Shrapnel.

The developers also state that players can now play the title with a lot less lag when their ping is below 350ms. This is supposed to make the multiplayer mode much smoother.

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