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Outriders is getting more content: DLC for 2022

After a long period of silence, Outriders is back with a free update. New Horizon will be released soon and will turn the endgame inside out. In addition, the expansion “Worldslayer” was teased. You can find all information about this here.

What was the last thing going on in Outriders? Almost nothing has happened in the last few months. After a radical change to the legendary loot drops, things got pretty quiet. The developers used the time to adjust little things, fix bugs and glitches and work on balancing.

Now the loot shooter is back and has two big pieces of news. A major update with new content is coming soon, and a new expansion has been announced for next year. When is the update coming? It’s coming November 16th, and it’s completely free.

New Horizon brings fresh expeditions and turns Endgame inside out

What kind of update is that? This is called New Horizon, brings new content and also revises the endgame of Outriders.

  • Players can look forward to 4 new expeditions.
  • In general, the expeditions will be revised with Endgame 2.0.
  • The dealer Thiago finally becomes useful.
  • With a new transmog system, you can finally choose how you want to look.
  • There are also some balance changes that make players stronger in particular.

What changes in expeditions? The annoying timer that counts your time has been removed. The quality of your rewards no longer depends on how quickly you complete an expedition.

That was one of the biggest criticisms of the community when it came to the endgame content. The countdown had a negative impact on the game, caused stress and severely limited the build selection to pure DPS builds. So they have long wanted the timer to be abolished. Overall, the update looks like one that is primarily based on the wishes of the community. For a long time now, the players have wanted Thiago to finally sell useful equipment. With the update you can now reset your offer or buy random legendary items from him.

Outriders gets the expansion “Worldslayer”, but is still keeping a low profile

What kind of DLC is that? A real extension to Outriders was announced in the broadcast for the first time. Worldslayer will probably deliver new story content, at least that’s what the teaser trailer shows. You can see a variant of the player character kneeling over a corpse.

Suddenly a mysterious woman appears who is strongly reminiscent of one of the villains from the main story. She probably also has supernatural powers like our Outrider.

When is the enlargement coming? So far it is only clear that Worldslayer should appear in 2022. We should find out exactly when at a later point in time.

What do you think of the Outriders news? Are you looking forward to new content?

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