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New World announces Open Beta in september

As part of Gamescom 2021, the developers of New World have announced an open beta. It should take place at the beginning of September and offer anyone interested the opportunity to try out the MMO. Journalists were also able to speak briefly with Game Director Scot Lane about the additional 4 weeks of development time.

What kind of beta is this? The open beta for everyone will take place from September 9 to September 13.

How can I participate in the open beta? Players can download the New World client via Steam and start the game. You don’t need a beta key for this. Participation is open to all users in the supported regions of Europe, North America, Australia and South America.

Is there any new content in the open beta? No, you will experience the same content that was playable in the closed beta. In theory, you can play up to the max level, explore the dungeons and experience PvP. According to Scot Lane, the focus of the past few weeks was mainly on fixing the problems with the queues and some exploits, which is why there is no new content.

Will the progress of the beta carry over into the release? No, all achievements will expire immediately after the beta.

Can the open beta be streamed? Yes, the test is completely public!

Are there any closed tests? Yes, players who have been specially invited can take part in these. What exactly is being tested there, however, is unclear. In addition, there is again an NDA on these tests.

When will New World be released? New World is due to appear on September 28th, exactly 4 weeks later than the original plan.

Scot Lane, Game Director of New World gave the following information:

  • The feedback around the weak character creation was heard from Amazon. However, there will be no additional options at release. However, innovations in this aspect are planned for the time after the publication.
  • There is the possibility that certain servers are provided with a language recommendation for the release so that German players, for example, can gather on certain servers.
  • The developers are aware of the balance problems that the factions had during the beta. A solution is being worked on here, but Scot Lane was unable to give any further information.
  • The additional 4 weeks are mainly used to fix exploits and server problems.
  • There should be no new content until the release, but further expeditions, new PvP content and addons are planned for the time after that.

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