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New features of the 13th season of Destiny 2.

Late last night on the official website of Destiny 2, another news from the series “This week at bungie” appeared, touching on the most important features and changes of the upcoming season 13, the trailer of which is promised to be shown on February 2. New features will be added to our Destiny 2 Boosting Store. This time, TWAB turned out to be very long and “meaty” because of a completely new system, another change in the sandbox component and so on.

A sandboxer.

  • In some cases, pulse rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns on clavomyshki and controllers will have less recoil than they do now in the game.
  • Rocket launcher damage increased by 30%. This change will affect certain exotic variants in different ways due to their ” personality”, I wonder how much the damage of the rocket launcher from the SGK will increase.
  • Single-shot grenade launchers are not very popular, with the exception of the” Mountain Top”, because of the special and not convenient way of shooting. To somehow fix this situation, their projectiles will detonate on contact with the character even if the player holds down the button.
  • Ace of Spades, Tarrabah, Hawkmoon – their special buff will no longer disappear when the ghost is activated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Merciless to not increase the charge rate for non-fatal hits.
  • Borealis and Hard Light-get a custom very short animation of the change of the elements.
  • Due to the fact that 65% of players use swords for most activities, their damage will be reduced by 15%.

Seasonal tests.

As we know, developers have been trying to solve problems related to the “fatigue” of the contract system and the so-called “fear of missing” any content for a long time. Bungie has already announced that they will not remove key seasonal content for a whole “game” year, and yesterday they talked about a system that will partially replace contracts.

So, in season 13, users will discover a new system – “Seasonal Tests”, it can be found in a separate interface through the task log or the seasonal pass page. Below we will analyze its main functions:

  • As an example of complex challenges, the developers gave the following: destroy the primitives in the Gambit, destroy opponents in The Ordeal’s dark raid with seasonal weapons, as far as I understand, get a certain PvP \ Gambit rank, get seasonal weapons and ornaments for it, win the “Osiris Trials”, pass the dark raid on the highest grandmaster difficulty.
  • For the first 10 weeks (a little over 2 months), every week it automatically appears from 3 to 10 tests (task). They can send the guardian to complete seasonal content, perform raids, take part in PvP or Gambit, gain a certain level of strength, unlock seasonal mods, upgrade armor or weapons, etc.
  • Each challenge can only be completed once per account, and once they become available, the challenge can be completed whenever you want during the season. For example, if you did not log in to the game in week 2, you can complete its tasks in the third week. In addition, after Week 10, new challenges will no longer appear, to allow players to close as many challenges as possible during a few “free” weeks.
  • Because of the above innovations, weekly contracts will be removed from the game, which you will no longer find in Lord Shax, Zavala, Wanderer, Armorer, and seasonal merchants. However, they will still offer recurring and daily contracts

As you can see, the developers finally decided to gradually begin to abandon the contract system, replacing it with another option, whether it will be better or worse – we will see in a few weeks. Although even now I like that they decided to get rid of weekly contracts, because if a player can’t enter the game on a certain week, he at least loses a good amount of bright dust.

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