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MMORPG Corepunk Shows Off New Gameplay

The MMORPG Corepunk relies on a look that is strongly reminiscent of League of Legends. However, it would also like to offer difficult raids and hard PvE content at the same time and be oriented towards WoW. The new PvE gameplay showcases how well this mix works.

What does the latest video show? The developers of Corepunk have released just under 15 minutes of PvE gameplay. In it, 4 players fight together as a group to eliminate various enemies.

Among other things, the camps that the players can farm are shown. A boss fight can also be seen. In addition, the inventory and equipment are presented in the course of the video.

The fights seem quite difficult and the developers’ life points fall into the low range again and again and even die in between.

Also special is the so-called Fog of War, which covers the map and the surrounding area. Areas that you cannot see directly with your character remain invisible to you. This mechanics is also known from LoL.

Where does Corepunk remind of WoW? The MMORPG is said to be as complex in terms of difficulty in dungeons as Mythic + in retail WoW. At the same time, there are also many mechanics that are reminiscent of Classic, such as:

  • Mounts that require a certain level and a lot of in-game currency
  • Corpse runs after your death
  • There is no dungeon finder
  • Talents that can only be reset for money
  • It is also important to the developers that a large part of the content is designed for the endgame. 40% of the game should revolve around the level process, 60% around endgame content.
What else does Corepunk offer?
  • 6 classes with 18 different specializations
  • 4 collecting and 4 craft trades, whereby the best crafter can also produce equipment that comes close to the raid level. But if you want to buy equipment from the best crafters, you have to address them personally.
  • PvP in the open world and in special arenas

It is currently unclear whether there will be separate PvE and PvP servers. Actually, the focus of the game is on open world PvP, but the developers are discussing the possibility of bringing pure PvE servers.

Will Corepunk be a good pastime for players waiting for the LoL MMORPG?

What is the LoL MMORPG all about? An MMORPG for LoL is on the wish list of many. On the one hand, this is due to the Runeterra game world, which simply offers many stories and interesting characters. On the other hand, many players only trust a large company like Riot Games to create a successful MMORPG.

At the end of 2020, Riot Games officially announced a League of Legends MMORPG. However, many details are not yet known. Officially, it just says that gamers won’t love every feature and that the release is still a long way off.

Corepunk, however, could fill that very niche. Although it does not take place in the universe of Runeterra, both optically and mechanically it comes closest to what many hope for from the LoL MMORPG.

After all, the developers of Corepunk rely on old-school elements paired with modern technology and a lot of PvP content. That should definitely appeal to the community.

When does Corepunk appear? The release was announced for the end of 2021, but the developers could not meet the deadline. Instead, there should now be the first major beta test in December. You can register for this on the official website.

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