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Bless Unleashed creators are working on Lies of P

Neowiz, Round 8 Studios, presented new dark RPG called Lies of P. Its main feature that it’s being developed by the ones created MMORPG Bless Unleashed.

Anyway, we shouldn/t stamp it just because of its developers. It promises to be glorious so we might get an excellent RPG. There’s no approximate release date of Lies of P. As the developers say, it’ll be available on PC, Xbox One X/S and PS5.

The main character of the game is Pinocchio. Contrary to expectations, the game is not so dreamlike as the fairytale. According to the plot, Pinocchio wakes up at the lost Krat’s railway station. This place is bloodthirsty, full of madness and horror. He finds a note about unknown person and he has to overcome many difficulties on his way to find this human.

As developers promise, we’ll see a thrilling plot and profound Dark Souls fighting system. The game will suggest lying quests which can change depending on the way you lie. The choise you make affects the ending. You can change parts of puppet Pinocchio’s body in order to acquire new skills. Some of them can not only help you in the fightings, but also bring other special abilities.

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