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Housing and decorative elements in Ashes of Creation.

Intrepid Studios-the developers of Ashes of Creation lead us to start thinking about housing and decor. This week, this caused a very strong discussion. What do developers write?

– Decorators, what things do you like to do to make your home something special? What types of decorative tools are your favorite, and are there any tools that you would really like to include in Ashes of Creation?”

And as always, there were people who like to insert their five kopecks and discuss what they would like wall decorations, plants and all that. and other players were more inclined to statues and all that.

Other people pointed to housing in other MMOs, such as Elder Scrolls Online and SWTOR,

“I think a great example of housing in MMO is the housing tools in elder scrolls online, in particular the number of hooks and the ability to place and stack items, however you please allow players to create unique furniture themselves by combining objects. I don’t like the way the decoration system works in swtor, because the hooks are specially placed and designed for certain sizes of objects. I think the more freedom, the better.”

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