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Halo: Infinite: no co-op campaign and no Forge mode at launch

Halo: Infinite is probably one of the most important Microsoft exclusive titles for Xbox gamers. After the shooter around the Master Chief didn’t make it to the launch of the Series X and S, it should finally be in stores at the end of the year. Then, however, initially without a co-op campaign and level editor, as the developers have now revealed. While Master Chief fans continue to wait eagerly for Halo Infinite and hope that the planned release will be adhered to at the end of the year, the development studio 343 Industries shines with transparency. Unfortunately, the current developer update also has bad news in store: For the launch, the title will appear without a co-op campaign and Forge mode.

Co-op campaign and Forge mode are coming – only later

The postponement of these two features is arguably a major blow for many fans and the most important point of the latest developer update. When asked why these two modes could not be served at launch, Joseph Staten, Head of Creative at Halo Infinite, answered the following:

“Just as multiplayer is the blazing heart of Halo, so is the co-op campaign fundamental to the Halo experience. […] Unfortunately, while we are focused on delivering a high quality launch experience, we have the Made tough decision to postpone co-op campaign and Forge mode. “
“Our top priority is to ensure that whatever we deliver, whenever we deliver it, is of the right quality on all platforms, that is, on Xbox devices and the PC with all its configurations. And when we look at both of these experiences When we looked at the co-op campaign and the Forge mode, we found that they just aren’t finished. And as a studio, we don’t want to deliver unfinished things. “

Staten emphasized that a good gaming experience was in the foreground: “People should have fun while playing and experience good, stable performance. That’s why we’re keeping the co-op campaign and the forge mode in the oven for a little while and when they’re done, we will publish it as part of our roadmap next year. ”

The lack of a co-op campaign in particular is likely to be a sticking point for some players. Some fans wrote in the comments under the update that they would therefore wait to buy until the opportunity to play the story together would be given. The lack of Forge mode, the level editor in Halo is also annoying, but for many it is probably much less painful.

After all: Staten is more specific in the update than just “after launch”. The co-op campaign should come in the second season, the Forge mode is planned for the third season. A season is about three months long, which means you can expect the co-op campaign to be submitted after three to a maximum of six months.

Split screen for Xbox players, still no release date

There is still no specific release date, but you only have to clarify a few details and you can finally announce a fixed date soon. As Phil Spencer revealed two months ago, the team are doing everything they can to release the game at the end of the year and Staten confirmed that nothing has changed.

In addition to the campaign, the first season of free-to-play multiplayer is ready for launch. In addition, Xbox players can look forward to the possibility of a multiplayer split screen during the release. This feature will also be available on the PC, but also not at the launch at the end of the year.

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