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Four more classes receive their own succession skill sets.

The deployment of continuity skills continues for some time, and with the latest update for Black Desert Online on the console, players see four more classes getting their continuity skill sets. By the way, the guardian who was recently released will also get his own set of awakening skills.

In the latest update for consoles, the guardian will receive not only her awakening skill set, which is used by the Jordan blade for sacred flame attacks, but also a succession skill set. Also three additional classes and will get their succession skills:

  • Valkyrie
  • Mystic
  • Tamer

Over the past few weeks, everyone has seen many different classes get their own succession skill sets, and in the case of each of them, special rewards were given to players who wanted to level up these characters and unlock their abilities. This patch is no exception, with blessed message scrolls, item collection increase scrolls, and roll tips rewards will be available for earning.

The hot time event will also return, starting today and running until December 2. Players can earn 200% more combat experience, as well as 30% more skill experience, and most likely 50% more item drop rate during the given time.

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