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Enjoy the latest Outriders patch.

So, recently, a lot of people have started to enjoy the latest Outriders patch, which is already available now. In short, this patch adds buffs for all classes in addition to crash fixes, multiplayer improvements, statue fixes and the Brealis Monarch set, as well as many other bug fixes.

The class buffs in question apply to all classes that include Trickster, Technomancer, Destroyer, and Pyromancer. For example, Pyro sees buffs for Feeding Flames, Volcanic Projectiles and an Ash Explosion. The Trickster sees buffs to Borrowed Time, Slow Trap, and Time Gap. The technomancer sees buffs to the Pain Launcher, Scrapnel and Cryo-Tower. Finally, the Reaver sees buffs to Fornicate, Infinite Mass, and Deflect Bullets.

Armor mods and weapon mods also received buffs, including:

Armor Mod Buffs

  • Personal Space Damage bonus will be increased from 15% to 25%
  • Critstack will have an increase in the power of the anomaly by 21% (from the base of 5.79 to 7).
  • At Stand Tall, the bonus to the base firepower will be increased by 20%, and the power of the base anomaly will be increased by 16%. (From base level 10 firepower and Abnormal Power 15 to firepower 12 and Abnormal Power 17.5)
  • The value of the base Perseverance Shield will be increased by 40% (from 25 to 35).
  • Note: This patch will also fix a bug that caused the Perseverance Shield to trigger and provide a shield after death
  • The flaming Aegis will increase the armor it gives by 21% (from base 46.35 to 56).
  • The Plate Dodger will increase the cost of armor by 12% (from 58 to 65 bases), and its duration will increase from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

    Weapon Mod Buffs

  • When the anomaly is amplified, the efficiency will be increased from 30% of the power of the anomaly to 40%.
  • Bone shrapnel damage will increase by 5% (from base 56.7 to 59.85).

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