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CCP Games has updated the Aura model.

Recently, the CCP Games team updated the Aura model, an in-game assistant in the MMORPG EVE Online. In fact, this process consists of a large amount of work done, which will be useful in the future.

The developers have released an entire article that describes exactly how the evolution of the Aura took place. The team put a lot of effort not only into it, but into the entire character animation system. Throughout the development of this project, CCP Games has focused on investing in a framework that will add characters to all parts of the EVE Online gameplay.

Aura is now presented much like a miniature video game, but as it progresses, this technology will allow developers to create more diverse characters, whose current behavior changes depending on the events taking place in the game. This opens up a large number of possibilities for the future, such as the ability to better see the enemy’s face or allow them to see yours. Well, who the hell is not joking with, return the cabins and engage in the development of content inside the stations.

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